"Michelle Lewis writes happy songs that
tears, and sad songs that evoke smiles."

Her music is rich with melody, and her lyrics seek beauty in the 
face of sadness. Too refined to call folk and too personal to call
as a singer/songwriter Michelle’s music is uniquely intimate,
surprisingly polished. As a storyteller, she writes intensely
visual songs that explore the emotional remainders in
and breaking relationships.

Michelle Lewis picked up her father’s acoustic guitar at the
age of 14
and quickly abandoned interest in everything else.
She honed her songwriting at
Berklee College of Music in her
hometown of Boston, and went on to tour the
United States behind
her first album, This Time Around (2004). She has been a long
time collaborator with producer Anthony J. Resta (Elton John,
Duran Duran,
Shawn Mullins). Their work has included the release
of her Broken (2009)
and Paris (2011) EPs, and most recently her
second full-length album, The Parts Of
Us That Still Remain (2014),
with songs co-written by Nashville favorite Robby Hecht

and LA sound designer Conan Skyrme.